T-Series Vs PewDiePie – Seems Over Now

About T-Series

T-Series is a music record label and film production company from India. It is a multi-channel network joined YouTube on Joined Mar 13, 2006, consisting of 48 channels, with more than 100K videos, over 142 million combined subscribers in total and more than 86 Billion views. T-Series main channel primarily contains Indian music videos as well as Bollywood film trailers. In this main channel T-Series uploads several videos every day. T-Series is currently most-viewed channel on YouTube having over 64 billion views as of 21 March 2019.

About PewDiePie

PewDiePie, is a individual channel created by a Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg who Joined YouTube on Apr 29, 2010 makes comedy videos and has previously made Let’s Play videos. PewDiePie was most subscribed YouTube channel from 2013 until November 2019, at which point he was temporarily surpassed for the first time by T-Series then again with the support of other famous YouTubers gained his crown. This occurred multiple times over the following weeks. He has over 91 million subscribers and 20.7 billion views as of 20 March 2019.] He refers his YouTube fan as the “9-year-old army”.

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