Thing to learn from Steve Jobs Success Secret Story

Today, we are talking about a rich person who had no love for money or money was his identity.

The person who sent his own parents to someone else, who had no one to show up, who left college after 6 months, is known today as the revolutionary of computers around the world. He gave a new identity to the computer itself

Yes! We are talking about Steve Jobs, here today we will talk about their life in detail and tell you how they did the Struggle – established Apple company and how they became the world’s greatest successful man.

So let’s know the biology of computer revolutionary Steve Jobs.

He is one of the richest man, famous for his intellect and not money.

Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. After the birth, Steve was decided to adopt someone. The first couple who were selected to adopt Steve was educated and rich but suddenly he had a desire to adopt a girl instead of a boy.

After this, Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara. Steve’s real mother wanted her son to get an educated family but Paul was a mechanic and Clara was the accountant and both of them did not complete the college but Clara, now the mother of Steve, promised her real mother how she was also Steve Will teach college only

Friends Steve Jobs was a very great inventor and promoter, he never looked back. It is said that until Steve Jobs continued to work only, he was dedicated to Apple 6 weeks before his death.

He said some unrealistic things in his life which can be an inspiration for today’s youth. Some of the inspirational things that Steve said from time to time are here: – So Friends Let’s Read About Great Lesson From Steve Jobs.

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Steve Jobs says that every passing passage of life stole something from your life and you will not be aware of it and eventually one day it comes when we find out that we have done nothing in our life, not only our whole life Passed.

### Humans are themselves the creators of their destiny – this sentence proves that if a person wishes to make himself impossible, then your destiny, your karmic principle, help others, all this can be right in your place. But it is also true that man can change destiny with his dedication.

Many have done this and many people are doing today, and they will do everything that is inside you. The power of infinite power resides inside you. Then whom you need to support, so get involved in the work you want to do.

7 life lessons from Steve Jobs or Apple Founder Steve Jobs Ke 7 Sabak Inspirational Lessons

### Death is a fact: Jobs told that to avoid this trap, it should think that “you have nothing to lose.” “The best way to remember is that you are going to die, he said, when death was useful but purely intellectual concept,

In comparison, now with more determination than you can say that no one wants to die, even those people who want to go to heaven, they do not want to die for it.

### Always move away from the leak: – Jobs said that when everyone does not talk with our mind, then we immediately say, “It’s crazy. Leave it to do your work. But jobs do not consider it ordinary, people are called mad. Rebel says. |
It is actually something extravagant then it is speaking differently to you. Thinking or saying, listen carefully to her. Nothing is there. That can be valuable to you. Because such people do not care about the rules.

They do not even care about their respect or ego. Because they have the ability to change things. They drive the race forward. Today they are alone, therefore they are called mad. When the world is behind them, then they will be called intelligent.

### Determine what you want to do – Steve said that the most important is the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Somehow they already know what you want to do right. Everything else is secondary.

He said that why you are not listening to the sound of your heart and mind, the goal inside you is already fixed, so do whatever you want to do and if you do not get it then keep searching for it and on the day you find it You will know yourself what you have to do.

### Think Different – This was Steve’s original mantra. How small a word, but how deep is the word that he reverted to the words, he changed the business, gave a new definition of business model, and added technology to the art today People liked him today with Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Lionardo the Vinci It is saying that a person like Steve is no longer going to get to the world.

What was behind all of this? Walking on the different steps of your soul’s voice by changing a different kind of thinking, single policy and many decisions of others.

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