Reliance Jio Phone 2 Price, Specification & Comparison

Hello friends, Reliance has announced Announcement about launching a new Upgraded version of Jio Phone Jio Phone 2 and will be available in the market soon. But this time we can get some special features to see in the phone.

We will learn here about Jio Phone 2 Price, Specification and we will do it with Comparison Jio Phone (Jio Phone 2 vs jio Phone) and see which phones we will be able to see better features and when will this phone reach customers .

Reliance Jio Phone 2 Specification:
Last year in July 2017, Jio Feature Phone launch was announced and now this year, Phone is about to launch an upgraded version of this phone, by name Jio Phone 2, this phone will get us new ones. After explaining the specification about it, the address will be known.

Display 2.4-inch QVGA display
Navigation 4-way navigation key
Hardware 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM
Software Kai OS
Storage 4GB
Rear Camera 2 megapixel
Front Camera VGA
Connectivity Dual SIM, 4G VoLTE,WiFi
Battery 2000 mAh
Price Rs 2,999

We do not get to see any such features in the specification of Jio Phone 2. Which is better than the old Jio Phone, it may be necessary to see the hike in the Jio Phone 2 Price, and its design will also be different from the old phone.

In Jio Phone, we get dual SIM feature i.e. now we can use another SIM with jio SIM after purchasing this phone. If the design of the phone is being seen in Jio 2 phone, we will see a larger size display.

While not so, the screen size of both phones is the same. In Jio Phone 2 the display width is high and the length of the Jio phone is high. In the phone, we will get 2000mAh battery, which is the best performance battery according to a feature phone.

There are some facts about Reliance Jio Phone 2 which are useful for us. If we are thinking about buying this phone then it can be helpful for us.

Jio Phone 2 Features:
This phone will be available in August 2018 and its expected price will be around Rs. Rs 2,999
Under the Jio Monsoon Hungama Offer we can buy Latest Jio Phone 2 for only 501 rupees, just for this, we have to do our old Jio Phone exchange.
In the phone, we will be able to see the Jio official App Store and together with it all Premium Jio Apps will be pre-inatalled.
In Jio Phone we can only use Single SIM, but this time Jio has given dual SIM slot in the new phone.
In the phone, we will get a Panic or Emergency button that is designed with the intention of our security. We can only send this message to any close friends by pressing this button.
Jio Phone 2 vs Phone
Technically, we will not be able to see any major differences, both are like phones. Just the difference between their design and price. With this, we will get Dual SIM in New Phone whereas only in old Jio Phone we get Single SIM. In which we can use the Jio SIM card.

In Jio Phone 2, we will find QWERTY Keyword, which we have got to see in Blackberry and some Nokia phones. Whereas we get narmal keypad in Jio Phone.

In the price of both phones, we can see the difference of Rs 15.00. Jio Phone Market is available for Rs. 14.00 while Jio Phone 2 is expected to cost Rs. 2,999 rupees.

Do you have WhatsApp installed on your phone 2 Phone?
WhatsApp is an essential messaging app and in today’s time, this app is installed in every phone. But this is a big question about Jio Phone: Will we get WhatsApp in Jio Phone 2?

There is no such update about Jio Phone 2 yet, but we may get to see the WhatsApp feature in this phone.

Friends, Jio Phone 2 is going to launch next month and in this case if you have to buy your old phone and buy New dual SIM Phone then you can buy Reliance New Phone. But there is some confusion about its price right now. Because of its specification, I’m feeling a bit more like it. What do you think about it in the comment about it?

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