Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7

Hello friends, Xiaomi who at this time “No. 1 Smartphone in India “and it does not reach a phone logo, then it launches another phone. Today we will Comparison Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 will know that Xiaomi’s new Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro will be able to surpass Oppo F7.

Xiaomi has launched a full screen phone before, but it never launched the phone with the Notch display. This time, in the market, after launching the phone with all the Smartphone brand Notch display, Xiaomi is left behind.

We first know about the smartphone specification of Mi’s latest notch screen, after which we will see who is better at both the Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 and seeing the camera, performance we can say money.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Specification:
Phone Design is exactly like the Redmi Note 5 pro and its almost all specifications are also like note 5 pro. But Xiaomi has improved some specification this time. for example…

In Phone we will get a 5.84inch Full HD + 19: 9 aspect ratio display. That’s what we get to see Oppo F7, Vivo V9 and OnePlus 6.
In Redmi 6 Pro, we get to see the Snapdragon 625 octa core processor. All of us have seen many phones from Xiaomi. This is a efficient processor.
With this phone we will see 2 variant with a 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage, and with another variant 4GB and 64GB internal storage, we can increase the storage by 256GB with the help of External SD Card.
We will not see any changes in the camera, in redmi 6 pro, we will see dual rear 12 + 5MP camera and 5MP front camera.
The phone will get 4000mAh non-removable battery and the phone price can be at least Rs. 12,990.
Here is, we all know about Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro’s Highlight Specifications and the specification of Oppo F7. If you do not know click here, Oppo F7 Camera Phone Specification & Price In India

Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 :
I just bought Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro Smartphone and I saw that Xiaomi is launching a new phone. Now my mind comes in a little more wait, then there is a chance to buy Phone with a Notch display.

These questions will come in the minds of many Xiaomi customers, that they are waiting to buy a phone and Xiaomi is launching another phone. This time too, something happened that people who had bought Note Pro 5 would have been feeling that if they waited a bit, they would get a full screen phone,

But is Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro a better phone? And if we want to buy a Phone with a Notch Screen, which of the Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 can buy?

For details about this, we compare each of the specifications of these two phones and see which phones have the best features according to its price.

On both phones, we will see Notch Screen, which will be with a 19: 9 aspect ratio and both of them will be screen Full HD + but there is a difference in their display size. In Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro, we get 5.84inch display and in oppo F7, we will get 6.28inch display.

In Redmi 6 Pro, we will be able to see the Dual rear camera while in Oppo F7 we will have to see a single rear camera. But there is a lot of difference between the quality of both. In Oppo, we will get 25MP front camera, while in redmi 6 pro, we will get only 5MP camera.

Speaking of the Rear Camera, in the oppo F7, we get a 16MP Single Camera, while in Redmi 6 Pro, we get 12 and 5MP Dual Camera.

Processor plays a very important role in enhancing the performance of any Smartphone and we get the MediaTek Helio P60 Processor in Oppo F7 and we get to see the Snapdragon 625 Processor in Redmi 6 Pro.

Both phones have Processor Octa core but the biggest difference between the two is its brand quality in Oppo, we get Snapdragon’s processor in MediaTek and Xiaomi.

Talking about Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 battery, we get better battery view in Xiaomi 4000mAh and we get 32,00mAh battery in Oppo.

This is a feature that helps us buy a phone. If a phone price is in our budget then that phone is better for us.

The Oppo F7 4GB RAM variant has a price of Rs 21,990, while the price of 3GB Variant of Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro can be around Rs 11,990.

Which phone to buy?
Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7 After watching the spcs of both phones, it might have come to know who should buy a phone.

If you want to buy the best camera Phone for Selfie or Vlogging. With a better camera and with a Notch Display, you can buy Oppo F7.

But if you want a notch display phone in Budget Price, then you can buy Redmi 6 Pro. In this phone, we will get a better display phone with under 15,000.

Friends, this time the market is in the Notch display trend, but the price of any Notch display Phone is less than 15,000 rupees. So Xiaomi has this tremendous kick and according to me, it will be a better place in the phone market and talking about Comparison, there is no special Comparison in Redmi 6 Pro Vs Oppo F7, both phones, for different types of users is. If you have an idea about it, then you share it in Comment.

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