List of top Zero Oil Recipe : Rava Upma

Upma is a standard Indian breakfast devoured by everybody in India. As you probably are aware upma is advantageous to our wellbeing from various perspectives yet what you don’t know is that OIL in upma is extremely exhausting on your body.]Noticeable advantages of zero oil upma incorporates Increased vitality levels, Slow processing (Reduces Hunger tricks), Increases Immunity, Good for Kidneys, Good for your heart, Good for bones, great wellspring of iron. While setting up any sound dish without Oil it needs hone. As getting ready sustenance with oil is something which has been infused in our DNA. We have to dispose of this undesirable propensity on the off chance that we need to lead a heart assault evidence life.

Keep in mind Upma is useful for your wellbeing yet NOT OIL. Oil is the principle wellspring of Free radicals, unsafe cholesterol and triglycerides. These stuff truly adhere to the dividers of your veins and in this way causing stroke and heart assault.

Upma is helpful for heart yet when you include oil it exacerbates the situation. How about we figure out how to influence Upma without Oil to receive genuine rewards of Upma.

Elements for Oil free Upma ?

1.) Rava (Semolina)

2.) 1 – 2 hacked onions

3.) 2 Green chilies hacked

4.) Turmeric Powder (Haldi)

5.) Coriander Leaves

6.) 4 Curry Leaves

7.) Very little cumin seeds (around 1/2 tea spoon)

8.) Ginger Paste (1/4 Teaspoon)

9.) Vegetables of your decision (Boiled)

10.) Salt according to your taste

11.) Mustard seeds

12.) Red cold powder (1/4 Tea Spoon)

Step by step instructions to make Upma without Oil ?

Stage 1 :

In your Non-Stick Pan put the rava and sauté it dry until its light darker and keep it in a bowl.

Stage 2 :

On your Non – Stick Pan Saute Cumin Seeds and Mustard seeds until it’s dark colored. When its gentle dark colored include curry leaves and let it turn minimal darker.

Stage 3 :

Include ginger glue and sauté it for 1 minute.

Include finely slashed Onions and sauté it until its gentle dark colored.

You can make almost no utilization of water on the off chance that it sticks on your skillet.

Include green Chilies and continue sautéing the blend

Include turmeric Powder blend it well and afterward include Red cold powder.

Ensure we have pleasantly broiled the masala without consuming it (To abstain from consuming continue including 1/4 teaspoon water wherever it sticks.)

Stage 4 :

Include the cooked Rava (Semolina) to our simmered masala and add water to it.

Continue Stirring it with the goal that it doesn’t adhere to the Pan.

In the process include Coriander Leaves.

Stage 5 :

Add vegetables to your upma.

Note : Vegetables that we include are pre-bubbled.

Add salt to taste and let it cook.

Your no oil Upma is prepared to be served. You may decorate your Zero Oil Upma by sprinkling slashed coriander clears out.

This formula is best presented with Zero Oil Chutney and best cooked in Non-Stick Pan.

To figure out how to make any Dish without Oil you may look at Premium Zero Oil Recipe Book. You will see a detectable drop in cholesterol levels inside seven days.

My mantra is basic i.e. Same sustenance, same taste however No Oil.

Expectation you have enjoyed my formula. Kindly bear in mind to buy in, offer and remark beneath.

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