List of top weight loss recipe : Zero Oil Paneer Matar recipe

Paneer Matar is an Indian nourishment which will make your taste buds cheerful as well as give huge amounts of positive outcomes through its high protein substance and vitamins. While Paneer is sound, Oil is similarly undesirable along these lines effectsly affecting our heart and body. To set up any sustenance or dish the primary test that you will confront is Oil. Be that as it may, reconsider is Oil extremely a test ?

Do you mean the sustenance we make and the taste that we get originates from oil ?

The appropriate response is BIG NO!. The genuine taste originates from flavors we include and not oil.

Oil is the primary wellspring of Cholesterol, triglycerides and free radicals. Making Zero oil food is a craftsmanship and it must be consummated over some undefined time frame.

We should discover how to make Zero Oil Paneer Matar with our Zero oil paneer matar formula beneath.

Fixings to make Oil Free Paneer Matar

1.) Boiled Green Peas (Matar)

2.) Boiled Potato

3.) Paneer 150 Gms.

4.) Turmeric Powder

5.) Red Chili Powder

6.) Coriander Powder

7.) Cumin Powder

8.) Ginger and Garlic Paste

9.) Salt to taste

10.) Chopped coriander Leaves

11.) 2 Finely hacked Tomatoes

12.) 3 Whole Green Chillies

13.) Cloves

14.) Cardamom

15.) Bay Leaves (Tejpatta)

16.) Chopped Onions

17.) Chopped tomatoes

Stage 1 :

Warmth the Non – Stick Pan.

Begin by including Cardamom, Bay Leaves (Tejpatta) and Cloves

Continue Sauteing it until the point when it turns dark colored.

Stage 2 :

Include 2 cleaved Onions

3 Green Chilies

Saute it until its mellow dark colored (Make beyond any doubt it doesn’t stick)

Include 2 finely slashed Tomatoes

Include Salt according to taste and blend it well

Include Ginger Garlic glue 1/2 Teaspoon blend it well.

Ensure the blend ought not adhere to your skillet, so continue mixing it.

Stage 3 :

Include Red Chili powder

Include turmeric Powder

Include Cumin Powder

Include Coriander Powder

Blend it well and continue Sautéing it.

Thought is to broil all the Masala’s untill the solid scent is no more.

In the process ensure it doesn’t adhere to the Pan. On the off chance that it sticks on your Pan you may include slight water and continue mixing it.

Stage 4 :

When its pleasant and even you may include water and put the cover for 3-5 mins.

Open the Lid and blend it and check if its staying or not.

Check for solid Masala aroma, on the off chance that it exists at that point include water and continue cooking it.

Once the solid aroma is gone, you may include bubbled potato and Green peas.

After couple of mins Add Paneer and blend it well.

Stage 5 :

On the off chance that you require it dry you may serve it simply like that.

In the event that you require it to be in sauce frame, include water and put the top and let it cook in mellow fire.

After 2 – 3 mins take the top out and decorate it with coriander clears out.

Stages 6 : It’s prepared to be served.

You also can take in the specialty of making any sustenance without a drop of oil.

Zero Oil Premium formula book encourages you correct well ordered on the best way to make any dish without oil.

Tip : Quitting Oil can turn around the harm caused to your body because of elevated cholesterol. (Source : Dr. Dignitary Ornish a prestigious Cardiologist has officially demonstrated that).

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