List of top Oil free recipe : Zero Oil veg biryani

Biryani is the most loved and favored extraordinary event dish in India. Would you like to keep your taste buds upbeat while making the most of your most loved Lunch or supper ? Provided that this is true, at that point you are the opportune place. Discernible advantages of zero oil veg biryani incorporates diminished cholesterol levels, lessened triglyceride levels, enhanced insusceptible framework, increment in stamina and sound decrease of weight. [quads id=”1″]

Vegetables in your Biryani will keep you youthful and fit for quite a while. Veg biryani is in reality useful for wellbeing, yet it turns out to be madly unfortunate when Oil, ghee or dalda are included. I have discovered a decent method to make biryani without including any Oil, ghee or dalda. Truly you heard it right I will demonstrate to you best practices to influence hundred percent to oil free biryani.

Veg Biryani is helpful for your heart gave you don’t include any Oil or Ghee. How about we figure out how to influence Biryani without Oil to receive genuine rewards.

Fixings expected to make Oil free veg Biryani

1.) Organic rice absorbed water for a hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

2.) 2 – 3 Cloves

3.) 2 little piece cinnamon

4.) Tomato glue

5.) Half glass curd

6.) 4 Boiled potatoes

7.) Finely copped bubbled carrots

8.) One glass green peas (bubbled)

9.) Cumin powder

10.) Red bean stew powder

11.) Chopped Onions

12.) Turmeric powder

13.) Bay clears out

Ventures to Make Veg biryani without Oil

Stage 1 : Boiling Rice

Heat up the rice simply like you bubble ordinary rice.

One the rice is cooked keep it aside

Stage 2 : Boiling Vegetables

Heat up every one of the vegetables that you need to incorporate into your biryani

While bubbling you may include salt with the goal that it cooks quicker.

Stage 3 : Roast it!

Take a Non – Stick Pan and warmth it.

Once your skillet is pre-warmed, include cloves, Cinnamon and inlet takes off

Saute the blend until the point when your inlet leaves and other masala’s are gentle dark colored

Presently include your flavors i.e. Turmeric powder, red bean stew powder and Cumin powder

Saute it for some time and after that include tomato puree

Continue broiling it and ensure it doesn’t consume, on the off chance that it adheres to the dish add water to it

Ensure every one of your flavors are broiled well without consuming it.

Stage 4 : Add rice

Presently add rice to your container and blend it well

Include some water about a container.

Stage 5 : Add vegetables when half cooked

Include the vegetables when your biryani is half cooked

Give the vegetables a chance to cook for some time.

Include low fat curd or dahi and sprinkle some salt according to taste.

Stage 6 : Simmer the fire!

Lower the fire force and let it cook for some time.

Stage 7 : Serve your biryani

Enhancement the biryani with serving of mixed greens or raitha to make it more satisfactory.

Your 100% Zero oil veg biryani is presently prepared to be served.

Note : Don’t feel low if your zero oil cooking doesn’t go well the first run through. Zero Oil cooking will wind up culminate over some stretch of time. At first there will be difficulties to influence zero oil to dish as your cerebrum isn’t tuned to surmise that way. Anyway once you learn it, your family will be more beneficial and value your endeavors.

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