List of Top 10 WordPress Theme

Most blogs are executable on WordPress and this is the most popular blogging platform. The main reason for its popularity is the main reason.

Easy Control
Easy UI
Smart looking responsive themes
However, most of the WordPress themes are paid, but there are some themes like this. Which we can use in free and we are going to talk about some such themes here.

# 1. Beginner:
Often all of you ask about TechYukti theme, we use the same beginner theme on techyukti. This is a Paid WordPress theme. In this we get lots of features, Easy Customization, Mobile Friendly etc.

#2. GreatMag:

If our Blog Phone is related to review or Tech. So GreatMag theme is best. It has two Navigation bars and better Ad Space. Which makes it a user-friendly theme.

# 3 ColorMag:
This theme has been downloaded more than 10K and it has got 5 out of 5 ratings. According to the feature ColorMag is a news theme which can be used for any blog or news.

# 4.IsleMag:
This is a Free WordPress News Blog theme, which is similar to the ColorMag theme. This theme is compatible for all browsers. Together we can customize its design accordingly.

# 5.WordPress Official Themes:
Wordpress is a free theme for all your users every year, seeing this theme seems so normal. But we have complete control of them, and we can change all formats from our headers to footer accordingly.

# 6. Crimson Rose:
We can use this theme for Beauty, Travel Blog. This is a great design Paid and Free WordPress Theme.

# 7. VT Blogging:
This is a blogging theme, if our blog is related. Blogging, WordPress, Digital Marketing, this can be the best theme for us.

# 8. Magbook:
This theme is alternative to beginner wordpress theme. As we get features in Beginner, we get to see the same features in Magbook.

# 9 Hueman:

This is the 100% mobile optimize and SEO Optimize theme that has got 5-stars out of 5 in the wordpress community. There are many such features in this theme. Which can be useful to a blogger. Such as Responsive Menu, Media bar etc.

# 7. Madd Magazine:
This is a Fully Responsive Magazine theme, in which we get many Slider, Width view. If your blog news is relayed from Tech, you can download it.

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