List of Top 10 Best Blogger Theme 2018

Hello friends, Today we will talk about Top 10 Best Blogger & WordPress Themes 2018 and learn how can we download them and how to download them? If you are looking for the best theme as a blogger then here is your best Free & Paid Themes.

We got questions from many users that they can meet with Best WordPress and Best Blogger Theme / template? In such a situation, we thought why not tell it through a post so that all of our Blogger friends can get information about it.

Basically we are here,

Top 10 Blogger Themes
Top 10 WordPress Themes
Talk about and some of the websites themes marketplace. From where we can download the Wish Theme for our website.

Free & Paid Top 10 Themes:
Blogger or WordPress, we get very few Themes Free for both of them, but for Blogger Platform, preview version of each theme is found free.

If you are a beginner and if you have less budget, then you can start working with Free Themes at Start. Here we have told about the best themes so far, you can check them and download them when you like.

Top 10 Themes For Blogger (Blogspot):
Blogspot is a popular platform where we can create Free Blog and here we find some templates that are provided by Google. But these themes do not get great features.

In this way, we download a custom theme to improve our blog, so that Navigation, Images can look better on our Blog and Blog’s design looks better.

From here we can download Top 10 Themes for Blogger Platform, which is the best in Navigation, Mobile Responsive and Design.

# 1. Elice Blogger Template:
This is a premium looking free blogger template which is better than SEO. If we look at this template for the first time, we think that this is WordPress’s theme because it looks like a Design Premium. I think this is the best Blogger template that is SEO, Mobile, Speed ​​Optimize.

#2. Pixel Blogger Template:
If you are looking for a template that is SEO, Mobile, Speed ​​Optimize and its design is also better, but you have full control of that template and you can make it as cutomize as you like it. So, this Pixel blogger template is best for you and you can download it in free.

# 3 The Blogger:
This is a paid template but with some of its basic features, we can download it free and install your blog. This is a great template with a responsive design which I use for my blog ishailesh.

# 4. FutureMag:
We all know about Sora template and mostly using Blogger, but Sora’s template is not free, so we do not get many features in this template. But FutureMag is a template that is exactly like Sora and is totally free.

# 5. Boullevard:
This is a Complete SEO friendly theme which is Paid, but we can download it in the preview version. In it we get 80% of the overall screen width, which will be perfect for both Mobile and Desktop.

# 6. Kaplan:
In today’s time, the better-looking mobile optimize themes are in Trend, and for Blogger it can be Free Theme Best. Because it has all the features that we do search, like Social Media width, Email Subscription, Responsive design etc.

# 7. Particular Theme:
This is a content-oriented theme that can publish more and more publish content simultaneously. With this, Particular theme’s design is very different from any other blogger template. Which makes it the best and unique.

# 8. Kylio Jo:
If we share Video, Podcast on our blog. So Kylio Jio Blogger theme can be better for us. In this theme, we will get a layout that will be like any video streaming platform and SEO optimize.

# 9 SEO Rocket:
As it is its name and it is its work it is one of the top 10 themes which we can download. In SEO Rocket, we will find many of the features that we can not see in any other template.

# 10. ViralNews:
If our blog is related to news then Viral News can be a great theme for us. Because it is most important for news, Number of width and in this theme we will get to see right and left side width.

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