Top Things to learn from Jack Ma Success Story

When KFC came to China, 24 people went to give interviews to get jobs, 23 of them were chosen by the company. Only I was rejected. – Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the current wealthiest and famous person from China, said this during a TV interview.

Friends, today we are talking about Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, about leaving a small village in China to establish China’s largest company.

Despite repeated failures, he did not give up, and eventually he got the position that he is the inspiration for every entrepreneur and every student.

He struggled and did not give up even after rejection of more than 30 times for the job and laid a new story of astonishing success.

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Jack has success story

Jack Ma is currently the second richest person in Asia, with assets valued at about $ 36.4 billion in August 2017.

Business world’s famous magazine “Fortune” has been ranked 50 Great Leaders of the World in 2017. Jack Ma is a very influential person among businessmen and self-achievers in the world.

They are also famous for the philanthropic work as well as teaching the new generation the skills of business.

Jack Ma was born in a very small village in China on September 10, 1964. He saw every face of childhood poverty, which is also difficult for us to imagine.

From his childhood, he was very interested in learning, understanding the English language. At that time the main language of the communist country was China and in the 60s only the Chinese language was given importance. It was considered necessary that there was no special attention given to learning and reading English language.

Despite this, he started learning English since his age of 13 years, rather than an English teacher he started helping the tourists coming from abroad and playing the role of a tourist guide.

In the beginning, talking to the English people from the western countries had some problems, but after trying again, their broken English improved.

In his childhood the name was “Mayoon” but it was difficult to pronounce Chinese names for foreign tourists. Once he was friendly with one of his foreign tourists and he named him “Jack”.

For 9 years, he worked as a tourist guide, which helped him understand English as well as the culture of the West.


Jack Ma was wandering in search of a job in the early days, he also applied for the police job. But due to his physical ability not being in this job, he also got disappointment from there.

When Jack Ma went to America, he got more information about the Internet there, although he had already listened to it, but now he got an opportunity to use it.

The first word he typed on the Internet was BEER (bear). They found that they got information about the bears of many countries in the world, but there was no information available about the species found in China until then.

Then they searched about different things about China. But there was very little information available about China on the Internet. Which he did not like and he created a website with the help of a few friends who gave information about China.

Within a few hours, he received many emails, who wanted to know about Jack. So far Jack had realized the infinite potential of the Internet. Prior to this, he used to run a small agency to do a translation. Now Jack wanted to do something new with the help of Internet.

In 1995, Jack deposited $ 20,000 with the help of some of his friends and wife, which included money from his own sister, and created a new website, which was created by making websites for those small companies in China. Its name was kept “China Yellow Pages“. This business also failed because of not getting the desired benefit.

Alibaba Startup Alibaba startup story

After working, he came back to the village and he agreed to invest his 17 friends. And in this way they together with their friends laid the foundation of the “Alibaba” company (a startup at that time).

Initially the company’s office made its own apartment. These days, apart from the investment of his friends, he did not have any other means of capital, but later by 1999, his investment increased by 25 million dollars with the help of some other companies.

After winning the trust of China’s people and teaching them to do business on the Internet, the company has now become one of the world’s largest companies.

A small village boy who did not have even a rupee for the expenditure, succeeded in establishing such a big company because of the reason it was embarrassing to show something; Most importantly he had curiosity to learn something new every now and then.

It is decided that the person who is summoned to touch the success of his success. Even after failing thousands of times, one day or so, we are able to reach that level of success, which we feel is impossible.

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