List of top Hair Problems and there solutions presents list of Hair Problems & there” Natural solutions.”

Q. Do You Have Hair Problems ?

Ans. Here we are presenting the list of top natural things to know for control hair fall, splitting & dandruff. How we can make natural conditioners at our home, so that we can  look young and give our hair natural shine, by using natural cleanser,even the tricks how we can  grow hair & re-establish of hair. Just follow the natural tricks.

1. The Best Conditioners:Banana and Egg Hair pack.


  • Just blend one egg and mix up a banana. Apply it as a thick glue to your hair and abandon it on for 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Then wash  hair with normal water.

2. Dandruff Remover : Coconut Oil and Honey  Hair pack


  • Use 4-5 spoon of coconut oil and 2-3 spoons of  honey ,Mix the fixings in a little glass bowl and
    apply this paste into hair very smoothly.
  • Apply it for 3 minutes and wash the hair with water.

3. Hair fall: Aloe Vera Hair pack.


  • Hair fall is an regular issue in our daily lives.
  • Aloe Vera is best solution for hair fall.
  • Aloe Vera is an ideal for curing the scalp and conveying the pH equalization to ordinary.
  • It additionally has purifying properties that wipes the pores out.
  • Mix aloe Vera gel with 1/2 spoon  lemon juice and 2 spoon coconut oil.
  • Blend it and apply on your scalp & hair.
  • Leave it for 20 min after than wash your hair with water.

4. Natural Hair Shine : Lemon Juice and Vinegar Rinse Hair pack.


  • For reestablishing the pH of your hair, vinegar works incredible while the lemon juice includes sparkle and glowing the hair.
  • Blend 2 spoon of apple juice vinegar and juice pressed from a lemon to some water to make your last hair flush.
  • This cure offers characteristic sparkle for hair, making it smoother and glowing hair .

5. Prevent split ends: Papaya Hair pack.


  • For making this pack, you require two principle fixings – papaya and yogurt. you will require a measure of papaya.
  • Mix it to shape a glue. At that point include a half measure of yogurt to the glue and blend them appropriately.
  • Leave the blend over your Let it stay for a couple of minutes and flush off with a gentle cleanser.
  • This pack is a solution for split finishes, as well as for excellent and normal glowing hair.

6.Nourishes and grow hair: fenugreek seeds Hair pack


  • Take a spoon of fenugreek seeds with half container urad dal or dark lentil and for find powder grind it well.
  • Blend this powder with half measure of yogurt and apply altogether to the scalp and hair .
  • Abandon it for 30 minutes and after that wash off. Fenugreek seeds not just battle split finishes,be that as it may, likewise supports your hair from inside, making it develop.

7. Re-establish of damages hair : Egg-Yogurt Hair Pack


  • Eggs are great source of protein and moisturize hair and purifying the scalp.
  • For oily hair use egg’s white part, for dry hair use egg’s yolk, and for ordinary hair use both white and yolk.
  • Five spoons of yogurt mix with egg , which shields your hair from further harms.
  • Apply the blend on your hair and sit tight for 30 minutes. wash hair with chilled water.

8.Hair growth: Avocado-Coconut Milk Hair Pack.


  • Coconut milk is a rich wellspring of protein and nutrition. Crush a ready avocado and blend 5 spoons of coconut milk.
  • Include two spoons of olive oil to it and apply the blend on the hair and scalp and sit tight for 30 minutes.
  • This is a nutrition protein pack for hair development . It will prevent you from dandruff and hair fall.

9. Stronger hair: Coconut milk and banana Hair pack.


  • Banana is good source of phosphorus and for protein coconut milk is good source .
  • Be that as it may, disposing of the banana mash can be troublesome thus do read the system appropriately.
  • Take one banana and place that in the processor alongside some coconut milk.
  • Mix them well so that the banana gets thick and there are no irregularities. Apply this paste in hair and scalp.
  • Apply for minimum 3o minutes and wash the hair . This will likewise sustain the dry harmed hair.

10. Natural Cleanser: Baking Soda Hair pack.


  • It is essential to clean your hair all the time to evacuate dirt . For that, take 3 tablespoons of preparing pop and water.
  • Blend them to make a fluid solution . Wash your hair with cold water.


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