Google’s new feature making it easier rescheduling meeting

Organizing a meeting?

Google makes it easy to reset the meetings in your calendar – and avoid that spam – with a new feature that suggests the participants alternative time from within the app. The meeting organizer is then given the option to review, accept or reject the new time. All windows that provide to the present, if their calendars are shared with colleagues, then side-by-side will be displayed, so it is easy to make time suggestions that work with everyone’s schedules.

Generally, most meeting time adjustments should be done individually, via email, or with chat applications with companies. Google hopes to reduce those annoying conversations directly by helping those people automate simple office interactions from within the G-suite.

Google has given a new feature in Google Calendar. The ‘Propose new meeting time’ feature company launched in Google Calendar. With this feature, you can make your meeting schedule even better. With the new features offered in Google Calendar, you can reschedule your scheduled meetings and events and tell the organizer about the new time of the meeting.

The company told in a blog post that with the help of this feature, results from the meeting can be much better. At the same time, it is easy to talk to people coming to the meeting, stockholders. There was an option of Yes, No and Maybe, but now it has also been added to the feature ‘Propose new meeting time’. With this new feature, you can also view other people’s calendar schedules so that you can give a new time of meeting according to their time.

Use these steps to use this featureĀ 
1. Open a new web version of Google Calendar on your PC.
2. Select any calendar invoice.
3. Select ‘Propose new meeting time’ option.
4. If you have permission, then you can also see other people’s calendar schedules.
5. Select the new time according to the time schedule.
6. Wait for the event or meeting organizer’s approval.

The blog post also states that it also works on new feature domains and Microsoft Exchange. Participants can send invites in it and the organizer can accept it.

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